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Latest project, a school, library and community center for Lumbo

Update after the visit of june 2016

Udate june 2016. News Escolinha, library and Community Centre Lumbo ESCOLINHA On May 23rd we’ve received an honorary visitor. The Governor of Nampulace placed the first sympolic brick of the new escolinha and his influence and network will be used to give the project its necessary boost. Unfortunately the devaluation of the Mozambican Meticais led to higher costs than budgeted, which consequently led to some delay. Fortunately – together with the Governor – the administrator and mayor of Ilha also committed to aid the project going forward. Obviously someone from this stance doesn’t come along as a party of 60 people accompanied the Governor. They all ate, drank and spend a long time in Ilha, greeted by regionals dances and songs which led to a lot of activity. It was worth the efforts! Three days of preparations and a lot of efforts ensured the project is back on schedule and we’re confident we can complete the project in a timely manner. We’ve hired a new local construction company and he started immediately, while electricity and water will be arranged for free. In short, a lot has happened in the last mont. The Governor – a humble, intelligent and very nice man – showed a lot of interest in the local activities and actively participated. The plot was cleaned and the local children were impatiently waiting for the Governor’s visit.   A lot of efforts, but we’re back on schedule Creating awareness about a healthy diet and Moringa Not only is Moringa extremely healthy and usable in a lot of dishes, you can also make very tasty cookies with it. During... read more

Update on developments in Mozambique

During a visit to Maputo on the outward journey, a constructive discussion with Eduarda Zandamela Mungoi took place, who is the adviser of the Minister of industria e Commercio. She is very interested in the foundation and is friends with Graca Machel, the widow of Nelson Mandela and will see if a partnership is possible with its foundation Fundação development e comunidade, fdc. Additionally, we will see if there is a possibility for Mosagri, PoM, FdC andTthe Hunger Project to work together to create more awareness on schools and hospitals and possibly collaborate through epic centres. We’ve also spoken to Clara Oleivero of The Hunger Project and met with Mathieu Joyeux, from UNICEF. He will explore the possibilities and try to coordinate a collaborate donation, including the World Food Programme, the FAO, and Save the Children etc. of Moringa products to all kindergartens and hospitals in Mozambique. He was very excited as malnutrition as a major problem for young children. The Escolinha Our first official meeting took place on Ilha de Mozambique, where Antoine was present, who will supervise the construction. Additionally, our partners Vasco, Corporaçao of Portuguesa and Carlos, of Helpo were there. So far, not much has been done, only some materials were selected while logistics were arranged as well. The excuse was the heavy rainfall and the devaluation of the currency, which led to increased costs of the materials. The plan is to start the construction as soon as possible and as soon as the first class room is ready, we will start with the activities for the children. We won’t start with the school program... read more

News from Mozambique, December 2015

There is a lot of news about the Escolinha and the Community Center in Lumbo. As mentioned in the previous newsletter, there have been discussions with the mayor, the ‘chefe de posto of Lumbo’ and a deputy, Vasco, of the Cooperação Portuguesa. The biggest challenge this time was to find a suitable plot where we can begin construction of the school, library and community centre without any problems and with cooperation of the local community. After another visit by the mayor and his deputies, we were successful and we were assigned a great plot. Spacious, with trees for shade and even a kind of courtyard where children can play safely and where we start a shared machamba (vegetable garden). All the papers are signed. Now it can really take off.      To celebrate this, we organized a party for all children in Lumbo, together with the Cooperação Portuguesa. A play was staged about planting a mango tree. The day before, we baked 300 coconut cookies with moringa, while on the day itself a big pot of vegetable soup was made (again with Moringa), together with 200 breads from the local bakery. The turnout was overwhelming, despite the rain. There were over 270 children present and of course some parents. After the performance, there was an explanation of the new school that is being built, what they can expect of it and in addition, we also explained the importance to eat daily moringa and how healthy it is for them. The kids seemed to enjoy it very much and eventually went home with a cup of soup, a sandwich... read more