At this point in Mozambique, we are entering the summer. Lumbo has experienced a severe drought tis year, and we are anxiously awaiting the first rains. The health situation remains the same with a gradual increase of corona virus cases since the month of March We now pass 10.000 cases and 72 deaths.

The schools in the most part of Mozambique remain closed, but the institute of Tourism of Lumbo opened in September only for distance courses.

The Pearl Pre school also organized distance learning courses for its young students. The parents come to pick up their homework each week at Pearl preschool.

At the center, after months of waiting, we got the authorization to open English, French and Tailor classes. We started the inscription in Setember. The project had a great adherence on the part of Lumbo s inhabitants. We had to create 3 different groups to be able to receive them all. Children in the morning, teens in the afternoon and adults at night.

At the first meeting after 1 month of study, the parents were very grateful for the creation of this project and asked not toonly work until the end of the year but to keep it forever! They say they never had the opportunty at Lumbo to have language and Tailor classes befoe accessible to everyone. we hope the project will grow and we can offer more discipline next year…

We thank a lot the 3 teachers who are doing a great job each day, willingly giving their time in the goal of helping the students to have more knowledge and future new opportunities.

The maternity in spite of the complicated health situation continues to see an average of 1 baby a day being born, 5 twins in the last 3 months. The complicated pregnancy cases are detected thanks to the echography and forwarded to other more equipped units.

I think that is all for now. Let s see what nice will come in the last month before the end of the year.