New Construction maternidade

obstetric clinic

Community Center

Ambulances arrived in Nampula

Growing Moringa

Latest project, a school, library and community center for Lumbo

Cyclone Gombe

         There are small and big disasters, but what they have in common is that they completely disrupt lives. The war in Ukraine has overshadowed the news and we have heard nothing  about the devastating Cyclone Gombe that hit eastern Mozambique on March 11. On that...

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We actually wanted to start this message with all the good news there was to tell from Mozambique. The escolinha started again with 80 toddlers, the Community Center also started with lessons, English, Portuguese, mathematics, sewing lessons and now also computer...

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Cantate project

Kulungwana - Associação para o Desenvolvimento recently started the EU cofinanced project CANTATE. The main goal of the project is to "Contribute to the flourishing of a sociocultural movement that can be an alternative to intolerance, radicalism and violence through...

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