There are small and big disasters, but what they have in common is that they completely disrupt lives. The war in Ukraine has overshadowed the news and we have heard nothing  about the devastating Cyclone Gombe that hit eastern Mozambique on March 11.
On that beautiful patch of earth, Gombe has affected at least 78,000 families, wiped out 45,000 homes, and severely damaged 41 health centers. 691 classrooms disappear, with the result that 76,000 students can no longer receive education.

Our foundation: The Pearl of Mozambique with projects in Lumbo, near Ilha de Mozambique no longer has a roof on its school.

The Maternidade, the health center for mother and child, has been badly damaged.
During the storm, 14 more babies were born. The situation is dire because there is also a great lack of sufficient food in the entire area. 20,000 households without a home. The Foundation does what it can to support.
Help is urgently needed. We have started this immediately and ask you to support us so that the aid can spread like a oil slick.
Our goal is and remains to help people so that they can help themselves and therefore others. The people there have enormous resilience. They deserve our help.
We started by hiring some women to clean up the mess. In this way they earn money for their maintenance and to be able to rebuild their own house. These are women with children without a husband, who have lost their homes.
The name of our group is “Juntos fortes” (strong together).


We have also already started restoring the Maternidade, followed by the school, the Community Center and the vegetable garden.
And now the necessary funds. You can help with that.
I would like to introduce you to 2 of our donors.
Robin, 8.5 years old who does not think it is okay that the children in Mozambique can no longer go to school because the roof has blown away. His piggy bank is now 50 euros lighter
Artist Geertrui van Hoogstraten ( makes 3 beautiful drawings available. She was inspired by the Mozambican cockle women who look for sea creatures in the surf.
no.1 cockle finder no.2 cockle finder
The drawings are for sale, size 1.40 x 70 cm, price € 200,– (nr 3. can be seen later on this page). Are you interested send an email;


We will soon start a campaign, a link to donate will then appear on this page, but of course you can already donate via the “donate now” heading at the top of this page or directly to our account:
IBAN NL 86 RABO0149.99.93.099 Attn. Pearl of Mozambique foundation, cyclone Gombe.
Thank you so much, it’s the little things that matter.

Or you can donate with this link (sorry only in dutch)