A Galeria is an initiative for the revival of Lumbo and surroundings. A dynamic center of debates and presentations, discussions and introduction of new ideas generated through regular meetings, structured courses, workshops, exhibitions, events, and so on. It is a space to integrate art with the transmission of knowledge, information, education, culture, lectures on nutrition, agriculture,  Family health (hygiene, illness prevention, combating cholera and HIV – AIDS), including a program with volunteers and with assistance of people from abroad. Through a program of foreign volunteers ( teachers, nurses, artists, farmers) and local volunteers  (national artists, elders, storytellers, craftsmen), A Galeria aims to create a space in Lumbo, which will operate as a training and production centre and a meeting point. An organized structure where local people can develop skills, exchange experience, give and listen to presentations of dance and music; organize exhibitions; produce and innovate based on what is naturally found in this area in terms of natural resources and talents.


To increase the prosperity level of the local people, aimed especially at creating employment improvement of education and general health of the local population.

Development Objectives

  • Transform Lumbo into a centre of creative learning
  • Support the existing educational system
  • Improve the access to information and knowledge
  • Improve child formal educational development
  • Improve youth responsibility, creativity and ultimately employment opportunities
  • Start agri – and horticulture projects
  • Start Moringa tree project
  • Improve literacy amongst women
  • Improve the direct impact on the service to tourism in the area

Specific Objectives

  • Develop a self-sustaining centre which reflects directly the needs of the population
  • Provide a space for expression through art
  • Provide a variety of self-employment opportunities for women
  • Provide a solid basis for children and teenagers integration into a fast growing economic scenario
  • Unlock human potential through development of self-confidence, creativity, responsibility and ultimately knowledge

How to achieve.

  • Introduction of techniques for the development of visual arts, music,dance and theater
  • Provide training, materials, tools and the space to develop the different art forms
  • Courses for IT and language skills development at all levels
  • Access to library books and toys
  • Story telling specifically for children
  • Courses and workshops for the development of crafts, manual weaving, embroidering, pottery and small scale food processing specifically for women
  • Presentation of educational videos and live seminars
  • Address serious issues such as nutrition and illness prevention


A Galeria, Lumbo Training and Production Centre will have a production componenet from the beginning to reach sustainability and self-reliance as soon as possible. Initially artisans from the neighbourhood will be invited to work their crafts in the open area in the complex. There is enough space available and the restoration of the complex  includes sanitary provision. A Galeria will sell their produce at a small commission. Orther sources of income will be the café and bakery “Café Galeria” and tourism. Youth and women will be trained in tourism organizing boat trips to Ilha, organize guided tours on Ilha, Lumbo and environment (like Cabaceiras, Cabaceira Pequena and Grande have historical significance and an old 17th century cathedral, a mansion of the previous governor). In conjunction with the fortress of Ilha de Mozambique several festivals are planned.



A Galeria will have alternative educational programs based on creative development to support the existing educational structure of young children and children of pre-school age.


Taking creativity and responsibility as factors that go hand in hand, students in the Secondary School of Lumbo, will be prepared, trained and encouraged to participate actively in this project.
Young people may be selected on the basis of their competence and personal talent. The students themselves – under supervision and continuous training – will gradually be encouraged to contribute on a in the general organization, promotion and presentations within the activities of the space.

Thus, giving young people the opportunity to make decisions, solve problems, develop skills for the future, take responsibility for their own lives, as they learn and have fun.

This will gradually be promoted through basic training in:

  • IT skills
  • Portuguese and English lessons
  • Management and Administration
  • Budget control and book keeping
  • Marketing skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Regular group meeting and evaluation

Men and Women

Men and Women will be motivated to become actively involved in working with children development through active participation on their education. They should also become empowered to rely on their own skills to increase their family prosperity. The aim is to solidify the role of women as generators of change, assisting them on development small family businesses related to the production of crafts for the Galeria Shop and edible produces for the Galeria café as well as direct and independent sales at the local markets.  Women and men will equally learn to increase nutritional value of family food intake by learning to process foods, such as Moringa powder, sesame seeds, cacana, baobab fruit, various seeds and dried leaves to make nutritional porridge with locally produced ingredients. Thus acting on illness prevention.

Farm School – with the participation and support of a private enterprise (MoSagri Lta),  A Galeria plans to create a mini-farm school that will aim teaching techniques for sustainable   production of vegetables and livestock. The space of about 1 ha already exists, the experience in the agro-livestock is also present within the organization.

This project will sustain itself in the future, by supplying Mozambique Island, Djambezi, Lumbo and surrounding localities with goods produced by members of A Galeria and other processed products

Simple shop and library as described as above and permanent art exhibition centre. The shop will run in parallel to the educational and training programs. The objective is to generate funds for the fixed running costs of the educational and training activities.Basic refurbishment (in accordance with the preservation of historical structures) of an existing ruin located on the seaside of the property to create a vibrant café and bakery  “Café Galeria” with sea view and live music, dance and theater presentations. Manufacture of bread of various grades, teaching techniques of low cost and creative manufacture, sale of products manufactured by women participants (cakes, jam, ice cream, fruitjuices etc.) Also to be distributed to restaurants, lodges, hotels and households.  This phase aims to increase the financial revenue and reinvest on future projects.  This small business will introduce the sales of the locally produced foods, natural juices, breads, conserves, ice-creams, fresh coffee and tea.

Manufacturing of Bricks – For the construction of the elementary school of Marrerene in the District of Memba (EP1 Marrerene), the PoM Foundation acquired a machine “brick-cement” of excellent quality. The aim is to develop a design for the manufacturing of bricks for building with local low cost and durability. This venture will focus on the young men members of A Galeria. The brick machine will in the immediate planning be utilized, for the completion of the existing toilet facilities.

Tourism- a group of participants will be trained in tourism to organize boat trips to Ilha, organize guided tours on Ilha , Lumbo and environment (like Cabaceiras, etc.)

Expected results

PoM expect to generate a movement of revitalization, where the Lumbo community has the opportunity to take direct participation on its development. The focus is to empower the new generations to become active members of their social development and to empower women to have a direct participation both on their children education and on they own seld development. PoM also expect to generate a base line for self employment utilising and expending the use of natural resources and existing knowledge.

In more specific terms A Galeria will provide basis for children, tools for youngsters and further develop womens natural ability to sustain their role.

Unesco building

The space to be used by the Foundation PoM is a historical building originally constructed for a Military Base, which is situated at the entrance of Lumbo locality, very close to the access road to Mozambique Island. This space is in the process of being granted by GACIM and UNESCO for A Galeria Project.
The space consists of one large room with access to the Lumbo Road, 3 large rooms that open to a walled area, 2 bathrooms (unfinished), a large indoor area shaded by traditional Island Mozambique tree (Neem) and a series of ancient ruins. One of the ruins will be transformed into a small coffee shop and terrace with view to Mozambican Island, while maintaining the original ruins, the remaining structures will be recovered gradually to house various cultural activities.

A Galeria, will start its activities in this space, with the front room as point of sale, library and internet/computer activities.
The inner rooms will be used for courses, seminars, workshops, exhibitions and for the administrative management of the project.
The wide open spaces outside will also be used for outdoor activities such as music, dance and theater performances.
Gradually PoM will reinvest the revenues and private donations in restoration and construction of the small terrace café and restoring the other spaces.


Due to lack of fresh water in Lumbo we decided at first to start the construction of a well.  After research fresh water was found at 14mt depth .

The population of Lumbo herewith gets access to an additional source  of fresh, clear water.

We have the intention to dig additional wells in the near future.

Also the first 100 Moringa trees have been planted and doing well.