The Foundation

The Pearl of Mozambique is a foundation with the goal of improving the welfare and living conditions in Mozambique. Through fundraising, sponsorship and various campaigns we are trying to raise money to invest in Education, Health and Art & Culture in one of the world’s poorest countries. Of course we do this in collaboration with the local population to create a supportive and sustainable environment.

The Pearl of Mozambique strongly believes in the “Don’t give them a fish, teach them how to fish”-philosophy, which means that we are mainly trying to get the locals on their own feet, teaching them and providing information to allow a more durable and sustainable solution and improvement to achieve prosperity.
In recent years, the foundation has already launched various projects for the benefit of education and now works closely with several universities in Mozambique itself. Among these projects are the construction of several classrooms in several regions, in cooperation with the government, which are equipped with well-trained teachers. In addition, these schools provide teaching materials and are maintained through thCIMG01371e Pearl of Mozambique and several volunteers. Of course, the locations of schools and classroom buildings are also well coordinated with local universities.

Health care:
It is logical that another crucial concern for the development of Mozambique is to improve the health and overall quality of life. In cooperation with the government and the National Health, The Pearl of Mozambique organizes and coordinates several projects to improve the health levels in this poor part of Africa. Examples of these projects include the transport and imports of medicines, building wells, latrina’s (small) hospitals and health clinics, and importing functioning medical equipment.

Ambulances Mozambique

A highlight in the recent history of the foundation is the transport of two modern ambulances from the Netherlands to Mozambique, in collaboration with the RAV Brabant. These ambulances are now actively used by a medical university in Mozambique and the developments are obviously closely monitored by the foundation. The Pearl of Mozambique also provides the medical university with the necessary training and equipment.

Art & Culture:

Another important priority for The Pearl of Mozambique is the development of art and culture in various regions in Mozambique. Obviously, the population is not imposed, but space and opportunities are offered to develop a unique culture with its own art. A good example is “La Galeria”, a community project organized by the foundation where the local population has the ability to read books, take classes in English and exchange information and ideas with each other.