The first news of 2023 took a little longer to be issued. But it has definitely not been an idle time!In this edition we bring more attention to the Cantate project, we share the stories of volunteers Isha and Simon and of course there is news about the escolinha and the maternidade.


This project in the community center in Lumbo is part of the Xiquitsi project in Maputo. We visited the project last February. The choir and musicians rehearse in the Teatro Scala, there is singing, making music and teaching. Music instruments are also repaired here. It was impressive to see.


We had a meeting in Maputo with Lucimilla, the representative of UE and also the main sponsor of the project. Several teachers and other stakeholders were also present. We went through the new season of Cantate and looked at what could be improved. There is a huge difference between the two projects. Maputo, a large city with all the opportunitiesof a city, with education, culture and good facilities, and on the other handLumbo, a remote village in one of the poorest areas of Mozambique. A completely different approach is therefore necessary.


We work closely with the Helpo foundation for 4 escolinhas. We recently met Andreia Alvas, Helpo’s new coordinator.

We discussed our involvement in the Centro Infantil Perola do Lumbo and explained PoM’s activities. There are now 90 children in the schools, but eventually we want to grow to 120

Every week PoM provides 100 moringa sandwiches and moringa powder for, among other things, the soup.

The proceeds of the vegetable garden are also available to the school. The library is open to kindergarten teachers every 3rd Tuesday of the month and a reading activity is organized in the Community Center every 4th Tuesday.

The other 2 Tuesdays we organize the same activity for children from the village. This is arranged by Suzanne and Berta from the Juntos Fortes. Currently 15-20 children participate in this. Later in the year we will receive trainees from the new school (tourism training, hotel industry and nursery education) and we can expand the group to 50 children.

This activity is free!



After a long meetingwith Licinia, we foundout that things are going very well at the maternidade and that many deliveries are still taking place.

The ultrasound machine generally works properly. Only the control ball does not function, but that is not a big problem. We also prepared Licinia for the arrival of Isha and Simon, 2 volunteers (about which more later in this newsletter). Licinia is happy to show Isha around and exchange ideas about Isha’s IUD project (new contraceptive copper coil).



Auditions have been held again for the new Cantata year and 22 new children have been admitted in addition to last year’s 28 children. A parent meeting has been organized to explain Cantate’s objective once again. Below the objective of the project:

“The Cantate project target group are children and young students from public schools, living under difficult and precarious conditions, who through the teaching and learning of cultural expressions, life skills and citizenship education will be better prepared for the future.

The project is based on experience gained by Kulungwana in the collective music teaching of children and youth in the Xiquitsi project. A social impact study on Xiquitsi revealed very

positive results in providing Xiquitsi students important tools for their future, which apart from capacity of some to gain income as young musicians include important life skills such as, discipline, punctuality, team work, respect for others and planning capacity, The study also indicated a positive spin-off for their families and community.”

It has been agreed that lessons will now be given 3 times a week to 2 groups on Thursday afternoon, Friday and Saturday afternoon. Everyone is enthusiastic and hopefully this year will be a success again.

Isha and Simon arrived in Lumbo on March 20, after first visiting Maputo with a guided tour by Marcelino. Marcelino is one of our artists participating in the festival.

They have been in Lumbo for 3.5 weeks to do volunteer work. It’s amazing what they have achieved. Every morning Isha went to the maternidade and Licinia said that she has already learned a lot from her and was very happy with her visit. Simon has meanwhile repaired the ultrasound machine and cleaned it completely. It is like new again and so Isha could show many more functions to Licinia. They also went to the Community Center almost every afternoon to do activities with the children. For example, they spent an afternoon planting seedlings and explaining how to take care of them. There was a reading and puzzle afternoon and a creative afternoon painting with leaves. An afternoon of games could not be missed and they visited the moringa plantation and gave a workshop about it at the community centre. They haven’t been sitting still!


Finally, we are carefully brainstorming about the new festival next year.