For you, readers, the last news of 2022.

As you were able to read in the previous newsletters, a lot has happened in the past year. After the cyclone Gombe in March, we had to pull out all the stops to carry out all the repair work. It gives us and all residents of Lumbo great pleasure that we succeeded. The maternidade has a new roof and has been completely refurbished, as has the escolinha.

Everything has been reconnected to electricity and water. The playground has also been repaired and pimped up with new swings and seesaws. The site has been completely cleaned by our women’s group Juntos Fortes. After that we were able to keep the women active in the community center through homework supervision, lessons for the illiterates, music and dance lessons (tofu) and maintenance.

All this thanks to your great positive contributions and the help of Helpo.

And  now the latest news from Lumbo


After the last meeting of the support group, Annette and Marjon quickly started working on the My Book Buddy project and with success. After filling in the necessary papers, we received the message that although because of the language they are not active in Mozambique (but in Kenya and other African countries) they would support us with an amount to have a bookcase made locally and filled with 40 children’s books in Portuguese. This has now been realized and was really a great success.


After an exciting year it is now school holidays. The kindergarten is completely up and running again, and registrations for next year have already started. Finally, the children also participated in a small art project for the culture night in Breda.


It is busy at the maternidade, the pregnant women come from far and wide to give birth under Licinia’s guidance in the beautiful clinic in Lumbo. Glad we are able to contribute to that. Dr.Adrienne (gyneacologist) also came to pass on her knowledge to Licinia and to supervise the correct use of the ultrasound machine. She also explains how to use the vacuums she brought along. This time not only to Licinia but also to the nurses. It was very busy again, the morning we were there, there had already been 11 deliveries at 10 o’clock. It soon became clear that Licinia, with all her experience, can handle the vacuum well.


After some final rehearsals, the Cantate Choir gave a great end-of-year performance. It was a big party in the chapel of the museum on Ilha. Next year there will be a new group of children and an extra day of lessons

The children were so enthusiastic that they even wanted to give up their holiday for it. But after the hard work, the teachers obviously deserve their vacation 🙂 They go to their families in Maputo for a few weeks.



The clothing for the performance of The Lion King by the Klunderts choir was made with enthusiasm by the local tailor. He worked hard so that everything was ready in time to go to the Netherlands in various suitcases.

Malela, our manager, English teacher and computer teacher, once again provided the necessary certificates and ended the year very well.

In January, two more reading days will be organized for the children of the school. and then in week 3 the new school year starts again. All activities will also resume in the Community Center, where all visitors and interested parties are now greeted by our new Tofu group.                     


We would like to thank everyone again for the enthusiasm and donations this year. We (and all residents of Lumbo) feel very supported and have been able to do a lot again in this turbulent year. Covid, the Cyclone Gombe, but also the war in Ukraine did not go unnoticed.

Special thanks to Helpo, My Book Buddy, the Klunderts choir and of course all other loyal supporters and employees. We also thank the monthly magazine HAPPINEZ. They donated 10% of their webshop sales in September to the foundation.

Thanks for your support! We hope that we can count on your support again next year.


A very happy, healthy and prosperous 2023 to everyone!