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Usually the word of thanks is saved until the end, but because the POM cannot exist without donors and volunteers, we are happy to start with this. Super thanks for all the support last year! Thanks to your generous donations, one-time donations and your unbridled dedication, we have been able to realize beautiful projects again. A special thanks goes to Stichting Salem for their beautiful donation for the maternidade!

We wish everyone a very nice time during the holidays and a loving 2019 and hope that we can count on your support again this year.

It’s going very well on the escolinha. On November 30th, the last school day of this year took place and next year 26 children will go to the 1st class of the primary school. The formal part of the New Year’s Eve party took place in the large square on Ilha de Mozambique. The children were dressed as small professors and were given a real certificate.

At the entrance we had placed a large sign with all the activities that took place this year and were organized by the PoM.




To finish off the school year, a party was held in the afternoon in Lumbo, with biscuits, food, cake and a bouncy castle.





Of course we also brought new toys along this trip, wherewith the children can play again in the next school year.

During the holiday, maintenance will also take place and the iron gate will be placed and painted. The vegetable garden will also be sown again and the new fruit trees will be planted in mid-January.





We and especially Licinia look forward to February 2019 as Adrienne will assist us again for 3 weeks in the Maternidade. We are looking into possibilities to realize a simple building with outdoor kitchen in pediatrics where they can provide the children with food, with its own vegetable garden; similar to the escolinha. They can maintain these themselves with the villagers, so it only a matter of construction, sowing and supervision. It has been agreed that when the cooking will start, we will donate moringa powder and leaves until they have moringa trees themselves.

The pediatric is now being used for mothers with sick babies and children up to 5 years old. Licinia has her own space for ultrasound scanning and another space as a “consultation office”, this relieves the maternidade to the extent that only the deliveries take place there. If necessary, the recovery will take place in the pediatrics. Materials such as beds and mosquito nets have been provided by the ministry of health, as well as bicycles for activists to visit the neighboring villages. Medications have also been made available by USAID and next week a general doctor will visit.

We’re now busy with the connection of the municipality water pipeline to the systems of the maternidade and the pediatrics. Talks are held with Sister Antonia (head of the “Irma’s”), Carolina and PoM, to what extent we can realize all this together. Furthermore, the demand remains for the restoration, the materials and the sanitary for the maternidade, an outdoor kitchen and a private vegetable garden.

In a conversation with Licinia, we found out quickly that the ultrasound equipment is used frequently. She said she makes about 40 echoes per month and that it makes a huge difference now that the echo is there. She can recognize the problems much earlier than before, so she can send women through to get the necessary care. As a result, they do not have to rush to the hospital and can simply go with the local chapa. Previously, they were often late because of the complications that already occurred or because of the lack of gasoline for the necessary ambulance

A perfect example of the usefulness of the ultrasound equipment occurred 2 weeks ago. Licinia was summoned by Ilha’s doctor as he had examined a pregnant lady and thought they could wait for a while. Licinia made an ultrasound and saw that the baby was completely wrong. She immediately sent her to the hospital, where the baby was taken with a caesarean section. Mother and child are doing well!

For the outdoor kitchen we have donated large pans and thanks to the generous donation of Ineke Tanis the first water pipes are connected to the system. The first running water in the maternidade and the pediatrics is now a fact!



We also started the construction of the vegetable garden already, because the rainy season is coming and this is the time to start. First some good soil and then ensure the plants and seeds are in it. Licinia also received a new phone so that she can report and send photos. She was overwhelmingly happy with this!


There have been many positive reactions of the bi-annual Festival d’Arte and the director and the board of the museum are very pleased with the help of the PoM. A small exhibition space has been preserved, the museum shop is improving, and photographs of the art treasures from the museum have been added. The articles are sold to visitors and 20% of the proceeds go to the museum.

The children of Ilha and Lumbo are already looking forward to the next festival and are proud to show their drawings, but indeed they have to wait another two years. We do try to pay some more attention to visual art and music for the oldest children on the escolinha.


One of our best kindergarten teachers – Esperanca – would very much like to receive additional training for nursery school teachers. With this training she can also teach in class 1 of the primary school. Sadly, we’ll have to miss her for a year, but after the training she comes back and she can also help with the ATL. The training takes a year and she would be internally located in Nacala and the costs for this are 500 euros. We would very much like to help you as donors to enable Esperanca to continue studying. This is already possible when 20 donors donate 25 euros. Could you help with the development of Esperanca and thereby also improve the education at the school?

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