November 24th was the last day of school

The school year ended in a festive manner with a certificate for all 6-year olds, a healthy meal, singing and dancing, cookies and soda.

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We look back on a very successful first year and also the parents are very satisfied. We have asked their opinions on the ATL (actividades tempo livre / spare time activities) and they were all very enthusiastic.


All parents really want to keep the education level of their children at similar/better levels whenever they will go to primary school. We have agreed with Cooperação Portuguesa that we will try to start with this in February. We have also reached out to Mr. Jorge Ferrão, director of a pedagogic academy (Universidade Pedagógica), about possible internships of some his students.
The children of the primary school are going to school for only half a day and we will offer ATL in the other part of the day, every day for two hours. With the help of educational games, we will offer lessons in math, reading, writing, history, geography, drawing, painting and music. We have already found several volunteers for the art-classes, and now we are still looking for volunteers and students to help with the other lessons. The parents will make a small contribution to pay for the materials and the books.

A lovely meal and moringa cookies for everyone.

The school is now closed for the holidays. A good opportunity to give it a good cleaning and new layer of paint before the start of the new school year in February.

The outdoor walls are being decorated by a local artist and the library has new furniture.

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Worrysome situations and various discussions with the people involved often results in a reconsideration of plans. Also in this case. After constructive discussions with Dr. Carolina and Dr. Lucinia, we have decided to put the casa mãe espera on hold for the time being and use this budget to expand the maternidade instead as the current set-up and structure is not efficient. Currently, there is a little office, a small storage with towels and other materials, a ward with 8-10 beds for mothers with sick children, together with pregnant women with complications and women that will give birth. Additionally, there is a small delivery room.  In the new envisaged set-up, the women with sick children will go to the pediatrie  , which opens in February. The reset of the building can consequently be structures more efficiently, with a bigger room for pregnant women, a bigger delivery room and a separate room for women that gave birth and still need to be checked.

The PoM wants to use the donations received in the name of Ab Leendertse for the set-up (like beds, sheets, towels, band aids, etc) of the new structure. We are also aiming to support the paediatric care, for example with providing healthier food as the main concern for the children is malnutrition.

As per Dr Lucinda’s request, we will also provide a fridge to safely store medicines and food for the children in the paediatric care. Additionally, we will follow up on a request for more glucose meter strips and medicines.

Thijs, our medicine student that will help out for half a year in the maternidade and will provide training for the upcoming echo machine, is studying hard to speak Portuguese. His stay and visit, and that of the echo-machine, is facilitated by the PoM. The necessary paperwork will be done by Dr. Carolina.

Additionally, we would like to mention that all activities regarding healthcare are being done with support of the MeMoz foundation.

Art and Culture Festival – Ilha de Mozambique

At the moment, a lot of hard work is being done for the organisation and sponsoring of the second Art Festival. It is also nice to mention here that we have had a good visit recently from the Dutch ambassador in Mozambique. She was very enthusiastic about our projects and the foundation. We will also approach her for potential sponsoring.

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In February, the next newsletter will be published and we hope to be able to present the entire programme of the International Festival d’Arte on Ilha de Mozambique.

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Visit to Mozambique

Throughout the years, a lot of people mentioned that they would like to visit Mozambique and see with their own eyes the beauty of the country, meet the friendly people and visit the projects of the foundation. A suggestion to make this a possibility is found in the attachment.


Christmas Wishes

Together with our project participants, The Pearl of Mozambique would like to wish all our supporters and readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. All the best for a healthy and prosperous 2018!

Travel to Mozambique proposal