Anyone who invests and sometimes wonders whether the return is sufficient will probably appreciate the following thought. Giving, helping someone else is actually a great investment. First, you make the recipients happy and give them another chance. Second, it makes yourself happy and also grateful that you have something to give. An investment with a 100% return. On behalf of all involved and the board of The Pearl of Mozambique, we would like to thank you very much for the donations received. And of course, for your trust in us as a foundation.

Thanks in part to your help, the damage caused by Cyclone Gombe in our projects has almost been repaired.

• There is a new roof on the maternidade. There is water and electricity again. The rubble has been cleared and the damage repaired.
• The Community Center has been cleaned and repaired, as well as the adjacent vegetable garden. The kindergarten is currently being worked on.

• The group of strong women ‘Juntos Fortes’, paid by the POM, has worked hard to clean up everything. They also, together with Dra Licinia, prepared food for women and children at the center to solve the first emergency

The total proceeds of the campaign are around € 5,200.

We used Kentaa, a handy crowdfunding platform and our own POM website. We are very grateful for all donations, large and small, but there are too many to thank everyone personally.

Thank you again and I close with the wish that the saying “Whoever does good meets good” is a reality in your life.

Joanna van der Bolt on behalf of The Pearl of Mozambique



Fortunately, the escolinha is fully up and running again. A restart has also been made with donating sandwiches with moringa and vegetables from the vegetable garden, which is now doing great. The children are also taught in the garden to show them what grows there. We were able to deliver many books to the library again, thanks again to our friends from Brazil, who faithfully search for good books and toys in Portuguese. It is gratefully used. The playground has also been repaired and 2 healthy meals a day are prepared.


At the maternidade, service, and in particular the child births, continued as well as possible. Even during the 14-hour cyclone, 3 more babies were born. Fortunately, everything has now been repaired and there is running water and electricity again. Thanks to Adrienne (gynaecologist) we were able to donate electricity again. Thanks to Adrienne (gynaecologist) we were able to donate thermometers, umbilical cord scissors and blood pressure monitors again. In November, Adrienne will return to the clinic to continue with the help and explanation of operating the ultrasound machine. She also takes a vacuum pump with her, which is urgently needed.

Our two weekly food donations at the maternidade have also resumed.


A lot has happened here in recent months. For example, the Cantate project has started again with 18 children on Friday afternoon and 8 children on Saturday.
One week there is singing and music and the next week there is theory class. The Minister of Culture has paid a visit and was very impressed with the level and how quickly the children pick up the theory. She also spoke to the parents who are very satisfied. To give her a festive welcome, our new Tofu dance group performed for her.

In addition, there are now the following classes in the Community Center:

English and Portuguese lessons 4x a week                                                                                                                               Adult literacy 2x a week
Homework support
Tofu lessons to young girls 2 afternoons a week

And then of course the newly started computer lessons. There are now 5 laptops, one of which has been purchased by teacher Malela himself through a micro-credit. The first course is concluded with a certificate. Both we and they are proud. The follow-up course, as well as a beginner’s course of 4 hours per week, will start this month.



Unfortunately, we can’t say much about the festival yet. International tourism in Mozambique is still completely at a standstill, but we still hope for a speedy recovery.
The aim is to organize another festval next year, August/September 2023. We have to wait and see the developments, but the museum is ready. The museum shop is running well and they are happy with it.