In January it stormed in the Netherlands. Even a few roofs and containers flew through the air. In the week before, the residents of the district of Nampula (of which Lumbo is part) saw how in many places their roofs, boats and belongings were blown away by a tropical storm with hurricane force. The cyclone was followed by a week of extreme rainfall which caused even more damage.

The escolinha fortunately only had some minor damage that has since been restored. Everyone works hard to rebuild or repair.

There are no ‘aid’ agencies and insurances that can be called upon, so they help each other. Now, at the end of February, life in Lumbo and Ilha is again close to normal, although much still needs to be repaired. But we look ahead and work together with the local people to make the projects and the Art Festival 2018 a great success.



The school will get a new storm-proof low wall and a firmer gate. The current gate has been repaired and there is power again, so the new ceiling fans are  just installed. They now also work in the classrooms. This will make a huge difference in the summer heat. The fence is (temporarily) put back and the new swings have been placed. There was a parent meeting on the first day of school.

The parents are enthusiastic about the newly started extracurricular activities (ATL). We explained that we first want to have the escolinha in order again and that we are still working on a program for the ATL in collaboration with UP (pedagogical university). Fortunately, the parents had full understanding that for these reasons we could only start ATL later in the year.

Good preparation is half the job.

Suitcases full of donated toys were put in the library and handed out. Especially the Brio train, the musical instruments and the small cars are popular.

DSC_0173    DSC_0179

Due to the cyclone, registrations got off to a slow start, but we have now reached the maximum number of pupils. 120 children of which 30 children stay until 3 pm. There is now even a waiting list. It goes well with the Escolinha. The bakery bakes moringa bread again and there is also additional moringa to use with the lunches.

The children and the parents are happy with the course of events


The vegetable garden is also starting to look more normal. Unfortunately the papaya tree did not survive, but the banana tree is overflowing with fruits and flowers.


At the maternidade, we brought the promised refrigerator (for storing medicines). We are also investigating what the most efficient way is to develop the maternidade and to provide it with sound material and inventory. A draft budget and building plan have been drawn up.


The medication, the glucose strips, and the hemoglobin meter were delivered to the health post in Lumbo. Dr. Carolina and Lucinia, as always, received them with joy and thanks.


Together with Simone (HR Mosagri) and the doctor of Ilha we organized a five-day first aid course at the Community Center for the employees of Mosagri and others. A full classroom, 24 interested men and women signed up for this and all went home with a certificate.

A very useful initiative that qualifies for repetition.

FullSizeRender-5  FullSizeRender-4

Then less good news.

The ultrasound device, purchased with the support of the Meander Mozambique Foundation (MeMoz), arrived in Mozambique in mid-February, together with Thijs, our volunteer and medical student.

DSC_0113  DSC_0119

Thijs had made himself available to stay for half a year. He would take care of the training on the use of the ultrasound device. In preparation, he followed Portuguese lessons and a training for sonographer.

The procedures with his visas and obtaining the necessary papers did not go well despite all the efforts of the Foundation, himself and his sponsors. That has led to him having aborted his stay after two weeks and returned to the Netherlands. This is a big disappointment for everyone involved including Thijs himself.

We will search as soon as possible for a replacement who can give the training. Preferably in the not too long term. Good ideas are welcome.

The bike purchased for Thijs, owned by the foundation, is ready for the new volunteer

Festival international d’Arte 2018

There has been brainstorming and consultation with all sorts of people involved and Sr.Silverio of the museum. The program has been established. Titos, participating artist and ambassador of the PoM, has designed a beautiful flyer. The invitations are also ready to be sent. The reactions to date are very positive. Anna Fabrello has already pledged to come and sing again.

We are still in discussion with Neco Novellas and a Brazilian band, but they have already indicated that they would like to come. Sr. Silverio is particularly enthusiastic about the Festival. He said he expected this to be the biggest event for the celebration of the 200th anniversary of Ilha in 2018. That sets the bar high for the organizers. Sr. Silverio is busy organizing the museum shop and the catering industry.

The list of participating artists and interested parties is growing. We have worked out clear conditions for the participating artists for 2018. We are working hard to professionalize the festival and make it a not-to-miss international Art Festival.



At the end of February we had a visit from a representative of Unilever, Mr. Kryshna. He was very impressed with the activities of the foundation and of the escolinha. He will make a case for sponsoring from Unilever. Hurray!!

Many thanks to all our sponsors and loyal donors.

Together we collected a very nice amount around Christmas and New Year.

We started with the sale of 135 Christmas packages (thanks to Mosagri) with a nice yield for the PoM. Many thanks to Marjanne who took care of the filling of the bottles of moringa oil (for a beautiful skin) and the packaging of the packages.

Then followed the Christmas market at the HAS in Den Bosch, with thanks to Annette, Marjon and especially Evelien for all dedication.

We received a donation from the company L & P from Zevenbergen, instead of Christmas cards. Thank you very much.

The Rotary club Amersfoort has donated a nice amount with the message that there is still more to be expected. With thanks to Jan, who, among other things, has sacrificed his free Sunday to accompany Marjanne to Amersfoort to give a presentation for the Rotary club.

You can sponsor in many ways.

Thanks to Robert, who has put himself on social media with the result that we have grown from 146 to 626 friends on Facebook.

And of course many thanks to the foundation Memoz for their contribution, the first ultrasound device and to the SHL, who donated the necessary gel for the ultrasound.