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opening Escolinha met taart

Education – Opening Escolinha

The school is great. With dance, music, cake and soft drinks and in the presence of the Administrador of Ilha district, the Escolinha officially opened. At every opening, there is a speech. Speeches were done by the head education of Nampula, the administrator of Ilha and a representative of the department of development from the Portuguese Embassy. The community and the parents are extremely happy with the school and all the new initiatives. During the opening, we expressed once more that they are responsible for the success of the school and its further use, progress and development. Of course we will support the school in the first few years, but the project will have to be sustainable and should be able to support itself.D81D32A4-F462-4FCB-A818-7F4347E01F00 kopie

Before the opening of the escolinha there was a parents-meeting, very cheerfull and happy.

Introduction and getting to know the people present.

There are 120 children registered for the school, grouped in three classes of 40. There are 7 children supervisors (teachers), two per class and 1 back-up. The “Ritmo Diario” (daily roster) was explained to us and every supervisor/teacher told us which class they have and then told the names of the children in the respective class. Atija introduced the library to everyone. The teachers can borrow materials here to use in the classroom. Later on, once we have more materials, the other part will also be open to the community.image12 kopie





Vasco and Mariana also explained once more that the school is specifically for children of 3,4 and 5 years old. Additionally, Hugo informed everyone about Moringa for nutritional lunches. Marjanne explained the group about various activities, including workshops in cooking and craftsmanship. There will also be training and presentations together with the poste de saude and English lessons for young adults.


Then it’s followed by questions from the parents.

Is it possible to have a uniform (status)? Yes. Materials and fabrics will be bought and local tailors will make the uniforms upon order. The parents will pay the cost price of the uniforms.

Will there be a playground for the children? We’ve committed to this idea only when enough funds would be available.

There will be a group of children that will stay daily until 3pm for which the parents will contribute 500 mtc per month extra. They’ve also asked the school to potentially open at 7am instead of 8am as most parents work outside of the Lumbo region and have to travel to work in the mornings. As a result, we agreed to open from 7am to midday.eten klaarmaken

All children receive a daily “brunch” at 10am, porridge with every day something extra in it, such as nuts, mango, coconut, aubergine, moringa, beans. + Fresh juice in the season, mango, hibiscus, etc. The group that stays until 3pm will get a lunch, which includes a vegetable soup with moringa and bread or rice with vegetables/chicken etc. And of course every day a piece of fruit, donated by Helpo. De local bakery will bake 100 pieces of bread twice a week with moringa, donated by PoM.

Workshop for the children about recycling and moringa plants

The children collected plastic bottles throughout an entire week. These are ideal for young moringa plants and in the meantime, the children learn that it’s not just waste and that bottles can be used for all kind of things. The bottles were cut in the middle and filled by the children with sand. All 5-year olds now have two bottle/gardens which they can nurture and take care off. When the plants are big enough, some will be planted in the vegetable garden at the school. The other plant they can take home to grow further.

First workshop at the community centre for parents and children.

The bakery baked moringa bread. Our chef, Canella, showed the possibilities of moringa and very tasty dishes with it. Arlindo demonstrated in a lively manner how to harvest the leaves and how to dry them. He also showed how to take care of the trees for their own production. The Regulo that was present was very enthusiastic and thanked the Pearl of Mozambique for their contribution.


Visit director/head nurse Lucinia of Poste de Saude and maternidade in Lumbo.

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The prospect to have an echo facility in the very busy clinic was a very pleasant outlook for Lucinia, which made her very happy. In her clinic, the majority of the women in Ilha come to give birth here. The necessity is evident. The echoscope provides a lot of possibilities that would be very useful here. There are five midwives and a nurse present that will be educated to use the echo facility in the right manner. Additionally, a technician that can be trained to maintain it will be present.

Visit Dr. Carolina, director de Saude, Ilha district

Also Dr Carolina was enthusiastic about the prospect of an echo facility; a midwife echo for the maternidade in Lumbo would be fantastic. She offered to work together with Dr Quirino to ensure the necessary documents will be arranged and there will be no import duty. We’ve discussed all her further wishes and requirements with Dr. Carolina as well. She would really like to improve the health care in Lumbo and asked for help. The Poste de Saude and Maternidade in Lumbo are two old buildings (built way back by the government). At the moment, a new building is being built, donated by the nuns. This building is almost ready and will likely be used for paediatric practices. The question for us would be to either renovate the current old buildings or build a new casa mae next to it. This way, space is created for the women that are expecting and they don’t have to be in the same room as the new mothers with their new-born babies. Eventually, a specialist centre for woman and child will be created in Lumbo.

Echo facility for hospital Mossuril

As a result of our previous meeting, Quirino already spoke to the district director to look at the possibilities of an echoscope. They really want the echo facility and it will be a big help. The biggest problem is the lack of knowledge from even medical staff with the tools. But again, there are enough nurses and midwives available to get training.

Importance and effect of the Art Festival Ilha 2016. News about the participating artists.

Titos Pelembe, one of the artists participating at the Art Festival visited the Netherlands and Portugal. It were days full of creativity and inspiring meetings. Titos would like to become ambassador of the Pearl of Mozambique, which we obviously would really appreciate.

Inspired by The Netherlands and its museums, Titos made some beautiful art during his visit and donated three paintings to us for the auction during our charity evening in June (see below).

Fun fact: he paid for his trip from the benefits from the sale of various paintings during the Art Festival.

Wim Pijbes curates; “I looked at the pictures of Mauro Pinto and I was in Africa. ”

Wim Pijbes, former director of the Rijksmuseum, wrote a laudatory piece on the work of Mauro Pinto at He found Mauro’s powerful Colorful images of Africa at an art fair in London.

FullSizeRender-8 kopie art-piece Titos Pelembe






Charity evening with Neco Novellas on June 9 


Make a note in your diary. Friday at Ome Jan, in Ginneken Breda.

It will be an evening of music, a dazzling party with beautiful stories about Mozambique and our projects, refreshments, dancing to African rhythms that your hips will naturally move to. You can also participate actively and find your hidden treasure at the auction.

We are very pleased with the commitment of Neco Novellas, the well-known guitar player and Mozambican singer to act for us. Titos Pelembe has donated three works (One of which see below), which the highest bidder may take. We auctioning a holiday stay Mozambique and Zeeland, workshops, dinner for two etc. etc.

More news to follow.