On August 10th, the Festival d’Arte finished with a grand exposition in the historical governmental palace – now the Palacio Museum. On the right, the governor as special guest.


We are confident all of you would have really enjoyed the Festival d’Arte on Ilha de Moçambique! It was colourful, dynamic and vibrant, the latter, in particular, for the organizers. Nonetheless, above all, it was inspiring: for the artists, the local community, the children and the enthusiastic visitors.
Additionally, the special day for the children (pictures below) was an exceptional success as more than 200 children – under the guidance of professional artists – painted, made drawings and pictures and crafted various kinds of woods.

The first Festival d’Arte was a big success. In the next two years, we will prepare ourselves to have an even bigger, even more international and more professional event in 2018 on Ilha de Moçambique




Opening Festival. Macua dancers and several artists.

There was dance, and songs done by Anna Fabrello, and poetic contributions from Biscaia. Anna sang “Summertime” and Opera.



From left to right. Geertrui (NL) Gemuse (Moz) Anna (Polen) Paulo, Tonderai (Zimbabwe) Pekiwa (Maputo Moz) Ernesto (Zimbabwe)
Kent, Philippe (Maputo Moz).


The local dancers listen to the opening with the traditional Tofu dance


Pictures, it shows the governor very interested in the work done by every individual artist and he also showed a lot of interest in the roots of their inspiration etc. 



Progression Projects
community center – escolinha – English lessons, supportgroup

In the meantime, the construction of the community centre and school are proceeding and the pace is picking up! There will be two classrooms, a room for the teachers, a library and a big meeting room where classes will be given as well in the mornings. This meeting room will be used in the afternoon and evenings for workshops about a healthy diet, cooking with nutrients (incl. Moringa), hygiene etc. Additionally, events and activities will be hosted by and for the community, like dance, music, English lessons and writing/reading Portuguese for adults. Besides the school/community centre, a kitchen and storage room will be built with a toilet-group, two for the children and two for adults.
If everything continues according to plan, the project should be finished in November and the first lessons should commence early February next year.
The English lessons that have recently started are a huge success as all the people really enjoy the classes and you can see the fun on their faces. The pictures below are of the project and it clearly shows a good construction pace.

foto-22-08-16-16-29-06    foto-22-08-16-16-30-41

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The project can only be a success when it’s supported by the local community.
It has to fit their wishes and needs. This is exactly the reason why there are often meetings with the “Regulos” to discuss the necessities: the fourteen ‘oldest’ from the region and the ‘chefe de posto’; the mayor of Lumbo. Besides The Pearl of Mozambique, our partners – Cooperação Portuguesa and Helpo – are present at the meetings as well.
This creates the necessary local support to be confident that the project will survive autonomously from 2018 onwards.

At one of the meetings, the “Regulo” pointed out what was necessary and important for them. First off, they would like computer classes in the library, secondly a play yard for the younger children and also that there will be a location for a big vegetable garden. Another wish, a wall for security and protection of the children, has already been completed as a result of the generous action/donation from the Lionsclub in Breda. Additionally, the decision was made that parents will need to pay a small contribution for the school as a lot of people are struggling because of the weakening Mozambican currency and consequently children tend to skip breakfast a lot. Therefore, lunches at school are included with soup, fruit and moringa (sponsored by MoSagri). 

Good news!! Our request in a previous newsletter worked!
The foundation now has a support group that will actively be involved and support all the projects of the foundations.

They will focus on education, health, art, culture, fundraising and marketing.

Our short-term projects:

  • Salaries for the care-takers
  • Manager / Supervisor
  • School Materials
  • Furniture, tables, chairs, cabinets (possible through local furniture makers).
  • Computers + teacher
  • Kitchen equipment; particularly a stove.
  • Lunches for children,
  • Construction vegetable garden
  • Play area, with good plans to build on locally.
  • Sponsorship medicines and equipment for the hospital
  • Job creation, e.g. for tailors


Medium to Long-term projects

  • Writing/reading education program set up for adults
  • Sponsorship transport
  • Ambulances, for Mossuril, Lumbo and Ilha
  • Renovation of the 1st aid station in Lumbo
  • Increased vegetable garden, farm for whole town
  • Additional classrooms
  • Ultimately centre with hospital, escolinha, community centre, a farm (copy to other areas)


Our fundraising department will update all of our supporters and friends of the foundations in the upcoming weeks with further information and additional information of the separate projects.

It goes without saying that we will update you accordingly after our next visit!