Mozambique, which is still somewhat unknown to many, has become part of conversation in recent weeks. Unfortunately, in a negative sense, when cyclone Idai raged across the country. More than 112,000 homes were destroyed or damaged and the death toll rose to 843. The port city of Beira in particular was hit hard.

The POM does what is in its power to help and therefore needs you more as a donor than ever!

That you are still very committed to our foundation and what we are doing is evident from the donations we received from you. The donations have been used for sending food packages and replacing the roof of the orphanage in Beira! MEGA THANK YOU



Fortunately, the escolinha is still doing very well. 75 students have already registered for the new school year and students are still dripping in! The routine is pretty good again. There is dancing and singing and also a reading hour is scheduled. Together with Helpo we have placed a covered outside building!

We also met the new chef de poste (village mayor) and he was full of praise for the activities of the POM. For example, he immediately arranged two guardas to guard the school. Very nice! We also discussed the plans for building the community center and the associated activities.

This visit, too, we brought with us various toys. The children started using them immediately and in particular the wooden train and the fishing game are favorite!




We are currently working hard on the development of a new Community Center. Until now this was part of the school building (kindergarten), which was completed two years ago, but due to the many applications from enthusiastic parents, we now need all classrooms for education. In the new building we can then hold workshops (hygiene, family planning, nutrition, etc.) and parent meetings. The library can also be housed there.

In the new community center there will also be room for the planned ATL: These after-school activities are for children who have done the pre-school and are now in the first class of primary school. The activities are very important for the children not to fall back on their development. Primary school is offered by the government and is free, but offers the children, in this part of Mozambique, only minimal education.



After a few hours of delay and the late arrival of her luggage, Adrienne arrived in Lumbo for her 2nd time. Midwife Licinia was again very happy with her arrival and picked up the planned theory lessons with regard to the ultrasound device very well. Also thanks to Katia, the translator. Read Adrienne’s report on the website. Thanks again to the Memoz foundation for financing the ultrasound device!

In the past period we (with good support from Adrienne), together with the contractor and Licinia’s husband, set out the lines for the construction of the expansion of the maternidade.

We have especially listened carefully to Licinia’s wishes and incorporated them into the design in the best possible way. The drawings look promising!



Things are going well in the museum shop. They have since sold for 21,000 meticais (around $ 320) of booklets, bags, cards, etc.

To realize even more sales and to attract tourists / buyers, we have decorated the museum shop in a nicer way. We have also instructed the carpenter to make 2 tables and 6 chairs for the coffee corner.

We are going to finance this partly with the proceeds of the museum shop and the other half will be contributed by the museum from the commission on the sales.

Great news also that a beautiful painting has been sold of the only Mozambican member of the support group Titos Pelembe!

We need an amount of 40,000 euros for financing the new Community Center and the Maternidade. We had a brainstorming session about this and came up with a super fun action!.

Keep an eye on your email and our Facebook page and help build.

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