Last November we had a visit from the Minister of Culture to the museum on Ilha. Suzanne and Abdul spoke with her and talked extensively about the activities of the PoM. In particular, they talked about the link between the foundation and the museum; the sale of artworks, maps and locally made products of which 20% of the proceeds go to the museum. Naturally we also discussed the activities that we organize for the escolinha in Lumbo and on Ilha (drawing, music and painting) and the Festival d’Arte. Whenever we can organize it again, she will gladly accept the invitation.


In December, together with Mosagri, we donated 500 kg of moringa powder to the hospital and the small health clinics (postos de saúde) of the Ilha district. This as a food supplement to combat malnutrition, which unfortunately is still very common. Moringa helps to improve the immune system, which is very useful in times of Covid.
During the day of the donation, the governor, the administrator and the director of the hospital were present. It was also broadcast on TV. Luckily we had baked moringa cookies to hand out :-).
In March, Suzanne from the PoM and Valdemar from Mosagri visited the clinics and hospital and wrote a report of their findings on the results, distribution and use.

The activity tasted like more to Mosagri and the PoM, and so we want to donate another 500 kg, but now to the Mossuril district. In the meantime, we are looking at the possibilities of a fixed donation to the postos de saúde on Ilha.MATERNIDADE & COMMUNITY CENTER

Little is new at the maternidade. The deliveries will of course continue and the ultrasound machine still works properly! As soon as we are allowed to fly again, Dr. Adrienne will travel to Lumbo to assist Licinia. Of course, the Maternidade still receives soap and moringa powder. The vegetable gardens have been sown now that the dry, warm summer is coming to an end and some rain is falling.
All kinds of things happen at the Community Center. We currently teach in English and French and we expect a Portuguese teacher for the new season. Sewing lessons are also still given. We are very happy that these small-group courses can continue, in contrast to formal education that has been suspended for a year. This pause / backlog has a huge impact.
The six-month trial period was festively concluded on Saturday 13 February with parents and teachers. The students demonstrated what they had learned during, among other things, the sewing lessons. Feedback was also given by the parents and they said they were very happy with the activities at the Community Center. Registration for the new period, which started mid-March, is therefore going smoothly.

The teachers have a wish list for the new season, including school desks. With another wonderful donation from Rotary Club Amersfoort, we can make their wish come true. Many thanks to the Rotary Club! After an earlier donation for the completion of the community center, this donation was also received with cheers. A local carpenter made the first 6. The aim is to have 15 desks. This way, at least 30 students can write at a desk instead of on their laps.

We bought an audio system and are still looking for a second-hand laptop that we can take with us next time. Do you still have it in the attic or do you know someone? Let us know!

The Community Center’s financial system leaves something to be desired. At the moment there is no money left for the salary of the teachers, besides the costs for electricity, water and materials.
It is not easy to convince people, including the teachers (who have started on a voluntary basis), that it is really necessary to collect a tuition fee of 110 to 150 meticals (€ 1.50) on time and not only at the end of the month. It now happens too often that students do not pay for their lessons or simply do not show up halfway through the month. Dr. Jan will help to set up a good system together with Suzanne that people can get used to.

At the moment we give lessons to three groups; children (from 5 years), adolescents and adults. In the new season we will also organize reading mornings once a week. For the little ones in Portuguese and other students in English.

The escolinha is unfortunately still closed in Mozambique. We do try to organize as much as possible, such as exchanging homework. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done for the very little ones.


Unfortunately, it does not look like we will be able to organize our Festival d’Arte this year. After consultation with Titos and Geertrui, it has been decided not to continue this year. That´s a pity, because we have so many beautiful memories of the previous festivals. Lots of sympathetic, great artists and musicians and all kinds of great activities for the youth.
We will now fully focus on September 2022 with old and new artists and a lot of spectacle in the musical field. If it is possible for us return to Mozambique in August / September this year, we would like to organize a week with culture and games for the children
Thanks again for the nice donations. In particular the Christmas gift from Peterson and the nice amount for the school desks of the Rotary Club Amersfoort. Fortunately, all your support ensures that we can continue to offer help in Lumbo, Mozambique during these difficult times.