The maternidade is ready and looks really wonderful. It has running water and electricity, there are toilets and showers, and everything is very clean. Sales of building bricks and generous donations of, among others Foundation Memoz, Dr Voorhoeve, Royal de Heus Ltd and your support made it possible that the maternidade was handed over before the end of the year.

An accomplishment to be proud of! Inputs by Senhora Licinia, the midwife, her husband Senhor Caba and the contractor Senhor Abdul have made this possible. In a short period, something great has been achieved.


The festive opening of the maternidade was on Thursday 7 November. There was a lot of interest and the building was put into use with great enthusiasm.
In the afternoon the first baby was born in the new maternidade and exactly two weeks later the 68th. A box with baby clothes was donated and knitted by a sweet lady in the Netherlands, and distributed by Licinia among the newborns.


The community center, including the new library, is almost finished except for some of last things, such as a fence and the interior. Along with the maternidade, this building was also festively opened on 7 November with music, dance, theater and beautiful speeches. Everyone was shown around and treated with water or soft drinks and a piece of cake.



The afternoon was entirely dedicated to the children of the escolinha. With the help of Nol and Annemieke, all kinds of activities were organized for the 90 children and the afternoon ended with lemonade and cake.



School year 2019 has already ended and also this time around there are little professors who will attend primary school after the summer holidays. Some maintenance has been done on the playground and in the coming period cleaning and painting will take place.

Finally, to top it all off, the football tournament. Together with Vasco, Hugo and Nol started early, explained the first rules of football and tried to explain which goal belonged to whom. It was really great fun and definitely worth repeating. The children and the audience enjoyed it. And although the result was a score of 12-1, there was no discord. Just have fun!


the maternidade is in full use, as well as the ultrasound device. There is water and if the credits are paid on time there is also electricity. Everything is kept clean and the nursing staff loves to work there.
It also looks very inviting when you pop in. The pediatric section is now also in use, children from 1 to 5 years can go there. There is a doctor once a week. Consultation with children up to 1 year takes place in the maternidade.

In the centro comunitário (in the Parot, as they call it) the first meeting was held with, among others, the nurses from the surrounding villages. A program about fighting AIDS. Very useful, also to exchange information. This is now on the program every month.
A moringa workshop is planned for December. The vegetable gardens are re-sown with healthy vegetables, both for the escolinha and for the hospital.


We have started the organization and planning of the 3rd Festival d’Arte at Ilha de Moçambique. In 2020 it will take place from August 22 to September 6. The first artists and musicians have been invited. The program will dedicate a great deal of time to active participation by young people.

The museum shop / cafe / gallery is looking better and better. People are making more and more use of it and enjoy having a coffee or a soda there. Thanks to Annemieke we also have two new articles, buttons made of capulana fabrics and moringa soap.
The new artworks have also been added to the collection