Nieuwbouw maternidade

verloskundige kliniek

Community Center

Ambulances aangekomen in Nampula

Laatste project, een school, bibliotheek en community centrum voor Lumbo



Video made by Simon and Isha, volunteers in Lumbo

The Pearl of Mozambique is a non-profit organization that has set up projects in Lumbo, North-East Mozambique. They realized a pre-school, community center and a maternity clinic. My boyfriend and I did volunteer work for this organization and we love to show you the...

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end of the year 2022

For you, readers, the last news of 2022. As you were able to read in the previous newsletters, a lot has happened in the past year. After the cyclone Gombe in March, we had to pull out all the stops to carry out all the repair work. It gives us and all residents of...

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Report from dr. Adrienne

verslag dr. Adrienne   Report visit Lumbo In November I went to Lumbo again for two weeks to teach the midwives. Licinia was very happy to see me. The weather is fine. They do about 300 deliveries a month. The clinic has been refurbished after the storm and...

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latest news

THIS TIME WE START WITH A WORD OF THANKS! Anyone who invests and sometimes wonders whether the return is sufficient will probably appreciate the following thought. Giving, helping someone else is actually a great investment. First, you make the recipients happy and...

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