Help us realize the new community center. Up till now the community center was part of  the school building (escolinha/nursery) that was realized two years ago. But because there were many registrations we need all the space for classes. In the new building we can have workshops (hygiene, family planning, nutrition, etc.) and also the parents’ meetings once a month.  The library can be moved to the new building and Atija will read aloud once a week for the 5 years’ old. We need more children books in Portuguese. If you can help with this, please contact us.

In the new community center there will also be a space for the ATL (actividades tempo livre) for the children of the first classes in primary school. Also will there be space for dance, music, painting and all kind of creative activities.


We spoke with Vasco, our partner from  Cooperação Portuguesa, about all possibilities but also about how to raise the funds, with for example Wilde Ganzen. We are busy now to prepaire the project document for fundraising. In the meantime the drawings/designs of the building are ready.


We will see how we can realize this project and what can be the budget.