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Capulanas are essential to life in Mozambique.  They are basically just large pieces of colorful cloth that Mozambicans use for absolutely everything.

Regardless of its origin, it’s an amazing fabric and so simple that it has survived for centuries in the African culture. The capulana would be more a common fabric, if it weren’t for the printed designs, which are true works of art, and full of meaning. This simple piece of cloth has become a symbol of Mozambican women and for some women, the capulana is a huge part of everyday life.

In Mozambique we buy the capulanas on different markets and our local tailors are transforming this beautiful fabrics into bags, shoppers, tablecloth, pillowcase or just a capulana to wear as a sarong.

In this way we support the local economy and create some income for the tailors and the foundation, what we can reinvest in our projects.