As you may have noticed, we have been very busy with the construction of the Maternidade as well as the Community Center. The construction is going remarkably fast, thanks to the hard work of the contractor but of course also thanks to your contributions. Thank you for buying bricks that made us almost realise these projects!

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Construction Project Obstretic clinic Cultural center. Sufficient bricks have been sold to start phase 4!    

The foundation for the new extension of the Maternidade has been largely completed. The floors and ceilings are now being finalized, and the electric cabling and water connection are being realized. During the last phase, the old part of the building will be restored and toilets, showers and washing basins installed.


We have had meetings with Dr Francois, district physician and head gynecology at the Central Hospital in Nampula, to discuss the possibility to add an operation theatre to the Maternidade. Sterilisations and caesarians could be conducted here. It would also offer the option for visiting foreign physicians to conduct more specific operations. If we decide to proceed with our support to this project, Dr Francois has confirmed that he will take care of the necessary instruments. To be continued.

The Community Center and Library almost follow the same fast construct