After cyclone Gombe there is a lot of work to be done, but things are definitely moving in the right direction.

The restoration of the roof of the escolinha will start the 1st week of July, as will the repair of electricity and the re-installation of fans.

Viewed the recovery of the maternidade, it looks perfect again. Licinia extensively spoken and the materials brought. She is very happy with us (luckily 😉 and with the recovered maternidade (also with water and electricity). Everything is clean and tidy again.


Attended the various activities in the community center and became acquainted with the Juntos Fortes group. The new books and toys (from Brasil, thanks) Registered in the library and Thursday the kindergarten teachers came again to get material.


There are now many fun activities in and around the community center. For example, the children receive lessons in the vegetable garden and again weekly sandwiches with moringa.

There is homework guidance 2x a week, illiteracy by Paula, also 2x a week, Anchita cleans every morning and helps in the garden and then there is, very nice, 2x a week Tofu lessons for 9 young girls under the supervision of Helena. Anchita takes the illiteracy classes and is now learning to write her name. Every Friday there are music lessons with Cantate.




Malela gives English lessons to 10 children for 4 mornings and computer lessons 3 times a week from 17:00 to 18:30. He now has 9 students (aged between 19 and 35) and a waiting list, he does it together with a friend who also teaches at secondary school. The basic course lasts 3 months, simple explanation about the use of the computer, keyboard and the first principles of word etc. At the end of July the 1st group closes with a certificate and then continues with a break of 2 weeks to course 2. the 2nd group with the basic course. A real success.