Udate june 2016.


Escolinha, library and Community Centre Lumbo


On May 23rd we’ve received an honorary visitor. The Governor of Nampulace placed the first sympolic brick of the new escolinha and his influence and network will be used to give the project its necessary boost. Unfortunately the devaluation of the Mozambican Meticais led to higher costs than budgeted, which consequently led to some delay.

Fortunately – together with the Governor – the administrator and mayor of Ilha also committed to aid the project going forward. Obviously someone from this stance doesn’t come along as a party of 60 people accompanied the Governor. They all ate, drank and spend a long time in Ilha, greeted by regionals dances and songs which led to a lot of activity. It was worth the efforts! Three days of preparations and a lot of efforts ensured the project is back on schedule and we’re confident we can complete the project in a timely manner.

We’ve hired a new local construction company and he started immediately, while electricity and water will be arranged for free. In short, a lot has happened in the last mont.


The Governor – a humble, intelligent and very nice man – showed a lot of interest in the local activities and actively participated.

The plot was cleaned and the local children were impatiently waiting for the Governor’s visit.IMG_1084 IMG_1077 IMG_1096

A lot of efforts, but we’re back on scheduleIMG_20160630_121146

Creating awareness about a healthy diet and Moringa

Not only is Moringa extremely healthy and usable in a lot of dishes, you can also make very tasty cookies with it. During the visit to Mossuril – where we did a presentation informing about a healthy diet and the benefits of Moringa – the cookies were a big success and the off-take was immense from children from the entire neighbourhood. The presentation was held for the directors of the primary, secondary and high schools while a women’s project and the local population with their children joined as well. We’ve also informed them about the treatment of Moringa plants and how to properly harvest them. Obviously we’ve also donated Moringa to add to their limited home diets and to increase the quality of the school meals.IMG_1026 IMG_1021 IMG_1029 There was a high turn-out and a lot of questions were raised as everyone was very keen to learn.

Donation of medicines.

On every trip to Mozambique, we intend to bring the must-needed medication in our suitcases for the hospital in Mossuril. The medicines and medication were donated by the PoM and the Stichting (foundation) Meander. Maybe we’ve mentioned this before but we can’t stress this enough, as the hospital is the only place for the entire region of 300,000 people where people can go for medical treatment. On the photo below, you can see the doctor and three nurses working at the hospital. We were welcomed with open arms by the team of Dr Quirino as they needed this medication urgently. Of course, MoSagri in cooperation with PoM donated Moringa here as well.IMG_1035

Festival d’Arte on Ilha de Moçambique. From August 1 to 10th.

Art connects and has its own beautiful language. The festival will provide a great opportunity for local, regional and international artists to meet on the beautiful island of Ilha de Mozambique. It’s our dream that this will be the start of a bi-annual event that will connect and inspire people and will bring prosperity to this forgotten island with such a rich history and crucial to the foundation of Mozambique.

During the Art festival our guests and visitors will see artists from Mozambique, Zimbabwe, the Netherlands, Brazil and Poland and experience their different styles, talents and guests can join the workshops for whoever is interested. This will happen in the beautiful and cool inner garden of the museum, in ateliers, on the beach and in Lumbo.

The director, o senhor Silverio Joao Naciato and employees of Palacio Museum on Ilha de Mozambique are very enthusiastic and really want to help organizing and make this festival a big success. The part of the museum used will be refurbished and redecorated ahead of the festival. The flyers and advertising are done, the media is informed and the artists are ready.

The minister of culture, Silva Armando Dunduro, will open the festival and in Africa this obviously comes with a lot of dances, music and interest.

On August 10th, the festival will end with a big exposition at the Palacio Museum.

Of course we will do our best to keep you posted by making pictures and filming most interesting events on a daily basis.



The participating artists from Maputo, from left to right: Mauro, Gemuce, Pekiwa ,Filipe en Titos.


In front of the map of Mozambique, our enthusiastic artists from Zimbabwe, Tonderai and Ernest


Capulanas and bags

The first batch of hand-made bags of beautiful coloured Capulanas – made by local handcraft in Mozambique – are all sold out. Please let us know if you have any more interest for one or more bags and we will ensure these will be created in the next batch. They are all unique, happy, and colourful and made with love. The benefits will obviously all go to the local population and for charitable goals from The Pearl of Mozambique.

Order on Facebook of send an e-mail to: pearlofmozambique@gmail.com. Price: € 15

If you have any creative ideas or requests to use these Capalanas besides as a bag, please let us know. All ideas are welcome.


Invitation to all friends of the Pearl of Mozambique (POM):

Supportgroup PoM

Friends give you the feeling to be part of something, helping and sharing with one another. Also for our foundation, it’s important to have friends for the common charitable causes; improvement of the welfare, education, health and culture in one of the poorest countries in the world, Mozambique.

The goal of the supportgroup is to actively support the projects and activities that the PoM organizes. Once the team / supportgroup is completed, it will be more clear which tasks every member of the team has, depending on your own preference of course: Education? Healthcare? Culture? General improvements?

We would like to invite you to join us as we – and the people in Mozambique – can use your help. We will try to start as soon as we have the full team together! We are impatiently waiting for you! Subscribe today: pearlofmozambique@gmail.com


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