Festival d Arte- Ilha de Moçambique

The festival has been created to promote the Art and Culture in Moçambique particularly in Ilha s district. This will be the 3rd edition.

It is a magical week during which , artists of all category ( music, dance, painting, drawing sculpture…) and from all around the world will meet and share their knowledge with the public. Each artist will produce in live works  of art  and will organize different  workshops with youngsters and children.  Several schools  are invited to participate. The art will never be so close and accessible to everyone  especially to the numerous talented and creative children living in Ilha and Lumbo. They are waiting anxiously for the event!

This year will be very special, as the festival  had to stop for a few years because of the corona virus situation. The team is coming back stronger and more inspired than ever with more artists and more diversity.  Musicians from different parts of the world and different styles ( jazz, opera, african rhythm.. ) will  have the oportunity to play together. Music groups  from Switzerland, from Ilha, Maputo, Holland… already confirmed their presences.Children with traditional Tufu dance will also come. All artists  will work hard to make the best performance on the Final Day of the festival!

Such a rare moment , you can not loose!