Titos Pelembe visits Hollanda


It would be impossible in a few words to describe my visit to Holland, which took place on 13th and 17th of December in 2016, in the cities of Breda, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, without mention the art festival promoted on the Mozambique Island by the Pearl of the Mozambique Foundation in 1st an 24th of August in 2016.


Cultural exchange is intrinsically linked to the Art Festival, which extended the geographic space of action from Mozambique to Hollanda, as a way to allow an exchange of social and artistic experiences, through several visits to the main museums in the cities mentioned above, highlighting The famous Van Gogh Museum, the Stedelikk Museum, the Boijmans Museum and the Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam with a thematic exhibition about African art and design, entitled “Making Africa”, highlighting the artistic potential of the old continent, as El Anatsui of Ghana, Gonçalo Mabunda and Mário Macilau from Mozambique, among other African artists of recognized merit.


Also highlighting the noble moments of talks and debates around the art with Marjanne Stam, Geertrui Van Hoogstraten both artists and art lovers, Mr. Hugo Stam and Mr. Jacques Babber, finally, the holding of the drawing and gluing workshop with the renowned artist Geertrui in her atelier in the city of Breda and the warm welcome in the private houses. The stay in Hollanda was an enriching cultural and intellectual point of view, it was possible to welcome new knowledge and enrich the artistic baggage, therefore, to cross the geographical borders through art and culture. Well there is inter-continental cultural exchange, culture thanks.

Thank you all very much,

Titos Pelembe